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B & S Commercial Kitchen Equipment | Brand

If you have a dream of starting a restaurant in Australia, you should definitely contact Liteco Hospitality. We are the foremost restaurant kitchen equipment supplier in Australia. Based on our long experience of supplying restaurant kitchen equipment to leading restaurants in Australia, we have been able to establish long term and cordial relationships with top brands for kitchen equipment. B&S equipment is one of the leading companies that Liteco Hospitality represents.

Over the years, we have installed B&S equipment in numerous cafes and restaurants and have been providing superior services to these restaurants over the years.

About B&S Equipment

B&S equipment is a leading brand in the field of restaurant kitchen equipment in Australia. A family-owned business, B&S Equipment has been in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances for more than 60 years. Many successful restaurants and cafes in Australia use innovative products from B&S equipment. All the equipment made by B&S Equipment has been designed using high-quality raw materials and modern designs so that making food in restaurants becomes a pleasant and smooth experience. The ergonomic and thoughtful designs of B&S equipment is something that sets this brand apart from competitors.

Some products that B&S Equipment produces are:

Over the years, B&S Equipment has come up with groundbreaking products that have changed the way restaurants operate. B&S uses high-quality Stainless Steel to withstand high temperatures for a longer duration for most of their products. The high quality and innovations of their product designs at B&S Equipment have received patents.
Liteco Hospitality ensures that you get high-quality products from B&S Equipment in the fastest possible time. Our technicians are trained by B&S equipment to ensure that our clients receive superior quality services. We strive to ensure that your restaurant kitchen is equipped with the best products so you are able to make all kinds of quality cuisines in the kitchen.

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