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Commercial Deep Fryers By Leading Brands

Superior Quality Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial Deep fryers are one of the main elements of a commercial kitchen, they can fry an array of appetisers, entrees such as French fries, chicken wings, fish and much more. Liteco Hospitality has a wide range of commercial deep fryers that helps you to escalate a commercial kitchen. Our large selection of commercial deep fryers is ideal for even a small restaurant, a food chain or large restaurants and sports bars. One must choose a commercial deep fryer based on its capacity, energy consumption level, size and much more. Our team of experts assists you to choose the right commercial deep fryer for your business.

Our range of commercial deep fryers includes, electric and gas-based commercial deep fryers. The gas commercial deep fryers are faster as compared to their electric counterparts. It takes a while for the electric commercial deep fryer to heat. However, once they reach the desired temperature the electric commercial deep fryer has a consistent frying cycle. The commercial deep fryers are sleek, smart and portable. They are ideal for every kitchen irrespective of their size.

Exclusive Commercial Deep Fryers

Liteco Hospitality brings to you exclusive commercial fryers. We offer countertop commercial fryers as well as floor models. If you deal with low to medium volume a compact countertop commercial fryer is perfect for you. Large hotels and restaurants usually prefer floor commercial deep fryers to meet their high volume demands.

Liteco Hospitality also offers specialty commercial deep fryers that cook specific foods. Our ventless fryer and drop in fryers fit seamlessly on your existing cooktop. They are very easy to install and work flawlessly. Add more value to your kitchen and serve your guests delicious and classic food with commercial deep fryers.

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