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Passthrough Dishwashers

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Pass Through Dishwasher | Industrial & Commercial

Pass-through Dishwashers make the washing procedure in an expert kitchen efficient and fast. Pass-through Dishwashers are also called Hood Type Dishwashers; the significance of an effective and reliable Pass-through Dishwasher, particularly during occupied periods, in a business kitchen cannot be exaggerated. With an endless supply of silverware and kitchenware, these machines are a basic piece of a business kitchens hardware portfolio.

Hood Type Dishwashers are built and designed by one of the most exceptionally respected makers, they utilise the most solid, attempted and tried parts and materials accessible. Pass-through Dishwashers convey outstanding commercial performance, unstinting reliability, extraordinarily conservative activity and by purchasing in mass straight from the factory.

Why purchase with us?

  • More than 500 pass through Dishwashers available: Welcome to the biggest commercial dishwasher supplier, with an immense choice of the top brands in stock within 24-hours delivery.
  • Extensive selection: Choose from a wide scope of pass-through dishwashers, including machines that fit both corners, sited and straight go through the activity.
  • Nationwide after-sales Care: Deal with the gratitude of our in-house business dishwasher overhauling group, who can offer select warranty packages for our entire pass-through dishwashers.
  • Expert Advice: With such a wide scope of specialised languages, picking the correct pass through dishwasher can be troublesome. Why not read our Commercial Dishwashers Buyers Guide, or address one of our master advisors?
    Benefits of Pass-through Dishwashers

    1. Rapid washing speed
    Washing with the Pass-through Dishwasher means sparing time: rack out, hood up, hood down, new rack in.

    2. Perfect wash results
    The Pass-through Dishwasher Series is brimming with specialised technology: This Dishwashing framework is amazingly proficient and it guarantees top of the line hygiene and cleanliness.

    3. Economical and efficient
    The Pass-through Dishwasher framework is an example of how to consolidate top-notch wash results with the greatest cost-viability.

    4. Simple to use
    Touch screen with clear as crystal pictograms. Begin catch for 1- button activity. Another particular element of the Pass-through Dishwasher arrangement: refreshingly straightforward and intuitive activity.

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