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Buy Convotherm Kitchen Equipment | Combi-Oven | Brand

Heating systems form an integral part of all types of kitchens. The quality of food prepared at home a restaurant or food court depends on the ability of heating in the kitchen. Liteco Hospitality is one of the most trusted distributors for kitchen and service equipment in Australia. Liteco Hospitality through its experience represents all well-known kitchen equipment brands. For ovens and heating systems, Liteco represents Convotherm.

Convotherm is one of the premium oven manufacturers and suppliers globally, enabling thousands of chefs to bake and cook food. All Convotherm products are made using space and chefs in mind. All ovens from Covotherm are compact and designed ergonomically so that chefs do not have to bend or stretch unnecessarily.

Covotherm uses the latest technology while manufacturing top-notch combi ovens of various sizes. Over the years, Covotherm has gradually improved products and now all Convotherm products come with full-touch screen technology so that you can precisely control heating while cooking or baking a cake.

Some features of Convotherm products include:

  •  Even transfer and facilitates fast heating.
  •  It adjusts itself automatically to combi-steam cooking mode.
  •  Proper Steam Saturation.
  •  Maintains constant cooking environments throughout the cooking chamber.

The Convotherm products are great examples of designs where functionality meets aesthetics. The clear designs, easy operability, wide range of settings, easy user-interface and built-in Hygiene control enable products to last longer and perform in an optimal manner. All products from Convotherm are known for being highly energy efficient. Convotherm products comply with ISO 14001 and 5001 standards and are also known to consume less water.

On account of their compact attractive designs, cooking efficiency, practical and adjustable door designs, Convotherm combi-ovens are also used by chefs on leading cruise ships globally.

Liteco Hospitality has been supplying Convotherm products to large restaurants, bakeries, 5-star restaurants and cafes in Australia along with top-notch after-sales support.

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