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Commercial Refrigeration | Buy Upright Fridge Online

Commercial Upright Fridges are highly desirable for all kinds of commercial Kitchens. They are highly functional and great space savers too. Commercial upright Fridges are energy efficient and are suitable for all kitchen types. The footprints of the commercial upright fridge are small compared to other horizontal commercial fridges. For a smart and modern kitchen, the commercial upright fridge is necessary. The sleek and compact fridge fits seamlessly even in the smallest spaces.

Liteco Hospitality provides some of the best commercial upright fridges in Australia. We are associated with top kitchen equipment brands in Australia. Our experts in the food and service industry quality check all our products to ensure all our products optimally meet Australian Standards and provide great performance. The commercial Upright Fridge at Liteco Hospitality is available in various sizes you can choose the size that suits your requirements and fits in your kitchen layout. We have a variety of Commercial upright fridges right from single door upright fridges, double door upright fridges and triple door upright fridges.

The commercial upright fridge at Liteco hospitality is spacious and offers great storage capacity. Now it is possible to keep your food and beverages fresh for longer with the highly efficient commercial upright fridge from Liteco Hospitality.

Types of Commercial Upright Fridges

Freestanding upright Fridges: Liteco Hospitality offers freestanding commercial upright fridges which can be placed anywhere. The freestanding commercial upright fridges are cost-effective and affordable. They offer great flexibility to the user. There are various models and makes available at Liteco Hospitality.

Integrated Upright Fridges: The integrated Commercial Upright fridge is a built-in fridge. Ideally, they are placed inside a cabinet or cupboard. They are expensive compared to the freestanding upright fridge, However, they are designed to create an open space.

Some of the features of commercial Upright fridges from Liteco Hospitality include:

1. Adjustable Shelves.
2. Frost Free.
3. Reasonably priced.
4. Extensive storage capacity.

Browse through our entire range of Commercial upright Fridges now!

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