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Commercial Charcoal Grills

Liteco Hospitality supplies some of the finest commercial char-grills in Australia. We are committed to providing our esteemed clients with commercial kitchen equipment of the highest standards. Having been in existence for years, we have achieved an enviable reputation for ourselves for providing our clients with a top-quality yet affordable commercial char-grill.

If you’re running a commercial kitchen and looking to serve freakishly delicious chicken breasts, steak or grilled vegetables, choose from our wide range of commercial char-grills. They don’t cost much compared to gas grills.

Benefits of Using a Commercial Char Grill

  • Portable.
  • Hotter than gas.
  • The coals provide the much-needed heat required for cooking. Also, they don’t burst into flames like open flame gas grills.
  • A commercial char girl provides the smoked effect preferred by most people.


One of the best things about using commercial char-grills is that they keep the vital nutrients intact. These include proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Why Choose Liteco Hospitality?

Liteco Hospitality is committed to providing the most modern and superior quality kitchen equipment. Our products undergo intensive quality checks before they’re provided to our clients. Being associated with some of the top Australian kitchen equipment brands, we source only the finest appliances for our leading commercial clients looking to serve their guests in the most effective way.

Our latest commercial char-grills come equipped with starters that allow you to ignite them. Moreover, any issues arising with the temperature of these appliances can easily be tackled with the help of a thermometer allowing you to control it to the level you desire.

Call our helpful team today to discuss the best type of char-grill for your workspace.

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