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Deck Steamer (Seafood)

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Commercial Steamer | Seafood & Vegetables

Liteco hospitality is proud to serve many years of experience in the sales, design, installation and maintenance service of cooking equipment. We have covered a wide range of high-quality products which are delivered on time within the budget.

When you think of a steamer, nothing can beat our seafood steamer. It is specially designed for steaming a variety of foods such as fry fish, chicken, crabs, boil shrimp, mutton and much more. Our steamer unit comes with the ability to boil bushel of peanuts and hardcore oysters. It also comes with the large capacity basket, which is ready for frying and boiling non-veg foods.

Why Choose Liteco Hospitality?

  • 1: Whether it is steaming hard oyster flesh or just a cup of peanuts, our steamer is designed with strong efforts to make the best possible outcome in your lovable kitchen.
  • 2: We ensure that the seafood steamer is providing its desired performance to meet our customer demands.
  • 3: Our team of designer experts put a lot of effort into making such a sound seafood steamer for the sake of our loyal customers.
  • 4: It doesn’t cost much for maintenance as it is a fine fresh piece from the leading manufacturer.

 Our services include:

  • 1: Liteco hospitality offers high-quality steam boilers at any configuration prescribed by our customers.
  • 2: We provide highly durable and stable steamers which can withstand external temperatures, rust and high temperature.
  • 3: We’re connected with partners who are all from leading companies and supplier.
  • 4: Our food steamers are available round the clock and easily accessible for our customers.

We have highly dedicated and experienced customer service staff who can help you out by dealing with the queries and can address them. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and get your stunning steamer delivered today.

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