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Planetary Mixer

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Planetary Mixer | Commercial Catering Equipment

A Planetary mixture is a piece of equipment which helps prepare food, chemicals and other various types of products. It is widely used at various food stores. Whenever you see any bakery or pastry Outlet, you may be able to see at least one planetary mixer. This is the reason why we offer high-quality planetary mixers. Our planetary mixer is so popular because it offers great versatility. Generally, bakers use the paddle attachment for creaming and blending some creamy products. It also comes with the whip attachment, which is used especially to aerate mixtures including sponge cakes, mousse, meringues or whipped cream.

When it comes to the baking industry, there are various mixers available. Spiral mixer and planetary mixers are the most common mixers. Before choosing the best mixer, you need to consider aspects like product range and price. At Liteco Hospitality, we offer your desired mixture at a reasonable price. Since it offers the most versatility, it offers the best option for our loyal customers.

Why our product is so special?

Reliability- We have been in this field for years which allowed us to earn awards and accreditation for our efforts. We have reliable partners all around the globe which is why our products are highly recommended today.

Skilled experts – We are backed by experienced professionals and friendly care customers who can address all queries.

Durable – Our planetary mixers are engineered with high-grade material ensuring it is highly durable and stable. It can withstand heat, rust and external temperatures.

Our simple and handy planetary mixer comes with the ability to deal with blending any hardcore vegetables. Since our products are highly reliable, trustworthy and durable, one can buy our cooking equipment at a reasonable price. All you need to do is to visit our website and order your planetary mixer.

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