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Preferred Partner for Australian Businesses

Professional Warewashing Solution

The best company you can have


Preferred Partner for Australian Businesses

Professional Warewashing Solution

The best company you can have


Innovative Kitchens

We can design your kitchen and select equipment best suited to your needs.
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Cooking Equipment

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It is extremely important to attain the right type of equipment for the success of any restaurant, food truck, cloud kitchen, or catering business. The right kind of quality equipment can make the task of preparing different kinds of food highly efficient, processing orders faster. Liteco Hospitality strives to equip restaurant owners and caterers with the appropriate kitchen and hospitality equipment all over Australia. So that they can run their operations smoothly and efficiently.

One-Stop Solutions:

At Liteco Hospitality, we provide commercial hospitality equipment from leading brands all over the world to enable you to consistently make all types of cuisines. Over the years' we have helped numerous restaurant owners, caterers and commercial kitchen managers choose the right kind of equipment. We supply equipment and accessories all over Australia.

We have the best hospitality equipment and solutions for all your hospitality needs. We have successfully served some of the best catering service providers including Hotels, leisure clubs, night clubs, restaurants, care homes etc. Our team of customer care staff strive to provide the best possible service and address all your queries optimally.

Some of our restaurant/hospitality kitchen Equipment includes:

  1. Cooking equipment such as induction, char grillers, microwaves, ovens and cooktops.
  2. Preparation equipment such as dough mixers, food processors, mincers, blenders, wrappers and pasta cookers.
  3. Catering displays.
  4. Commercial Fridge and chillers such as under counter fridge, blast chillers, cabinet freezers.
  5. Washing equipment such as dishwashers.


We partner with commercial kitchens right from the design stage. We tell you the space required for specific equipment, and work with you to attain the best arrangement before construction begins. We help you plan the kitchen floor plan in accordance with the statutory requirements and ensure that equipment always helps the smooth function of the kitchen.


We have a huge range of commercial kitchen equipment, from simple toasters to steamers, fridges and freezers to huge ovens and chimneys. We believe that we have the right equipment on hand to cook any dish, to enable your restaurant to cook anything. Allowing you to delve into interesting and unusual specials. With our large variety, you do not have to visit any other shop while looking for kitchen equipment for your commercial kitchen.


At Liteco Hospitality, we stock equipment, accessories, and supplies from leading brands all over the world. In fact, Liteco Hospitality is the exclusive and preferred partner in Australia for some brands, for equipment supplies. Some brands we supply are:

Our experienced sales and installation team is well versed with dimensions and recommended processes of all brands. In that regard, we are well trained to install and train chefs in using all brands of equipment. We understand the nuances of all the equipment and the accessories necessary for each. We help you choose the right kind of brand depending on your requirement, budget, and desired ease of function. With so many brands under our banner, we are the leading suppliers for kitchen equipment’s in Sydney.

Pan Australia

Liteco Hospitality is one of the few commercial kitchen suppliers in Australia that are able to cater to clients all over the country. We have our warehouse and service team in all Australia’s major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and so on. We ensure that once you order any equipment whether online or through phone, we deliver the equipment and additional accessories on time. On top of this we send the service team for installation the next working day, so that you face no trouble whatsoever in using it for your business.

Advantages of buying hospitality & restaurant equipment  online:

Industry Expertise: We are one of the best commercial equipment suppliers in town. We have the experience of over two decades in this industry. By being in this industry for so long, we are in the position to recommend you the best hospitality equipment. This we accomplish by taking into consideration your business model and outlet type. Liteco Hospitality has been the go-to cafe equipment supplier in Sydney for many years now.

At your doorstep: You can get all the equipment irrespective of their size and cost at your doorstep with us. It normally takes 2-3 working days to process your order. However, this is subject to change based on the availability of the products.

Service: At Liteco Hospitality you can rest assured about the quality of service and technical expertise. We make sure to provide you equipment that cohesively fits your needs. We also take care of everything, right from the installation of the equipment to after-sale service.

Helps you Save Money: Restaurant equipment helps save a lot of time in the kitchen. It helps save some overhead costs for the restaurant as well.

Improves Aesthetic Appearance: Restaurant Equipment gives a restaurant a contemporary and modern feel. It helps improve the overall efficiency of the restaurant and better serve its customer.

Facilitates Function: There is a lot of work and factors that need to be managed in a professional restaurant kitchen. Opting for expert restaurant equipment can help improve the efficacy of your restaurant’s service.

Helps Reduce Chaos: Restaurant kitchens have so many things that are going on. There is so much hustle and bustle in a professional kitchen. Installing some catering & restaurant equipment can help you better organise the kitchen and improve its ease of function for seamless operations.

If you have any queries about our kitchen equipment for commercial or catering use, give us a call now or drop an email to us. Our team shall get in touch with you and help you get the right hospitality & restaurant equipment as per need.

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