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Commercial Dishwasher For Professional Kitchens

Commercial dishwashing expertise includes more than washing dirty dishes. Everybody has their own particular needs with regards to commercial dishwashers, which is what makes Liteco Hospitality so exceptional as we ensure we find the right products to fulfil each one of those various needs.

From under-counter dishwashers, go through commercial dishwashers and general ware washers as well as rack type trolley washers and dishwashing machines, Liteco Hospitality has expertise in every single part of making clean arrangements. Our products will leave your plates and cutlery shimmer and be completely clear, consummately dry glasses that should be cleaned by hand – those are the genuine trials of remarkable business dishwashing technology!

–> Under the Counter Dishwashers

Pick an under-counter dishwasher to spare space. These are extraordinary for coffee shops, bars and other space-tested scenes.

–> Door-Type Dishwashers

Shop at Liteco Hospitality for a door-type dishwasher for high or low-temperature cleaning forms. We’ll enable you to pick the correct model for your needs.

–> Glass Washers

Discover a glasswasher that will stay aware of the frantic pace of your foundation. Keep your best glasses in revolution with rapid washers from Liteco Hospitality.

–> Conveyor Dishwasher

These dishwashers are work sparing workhorses that can speed up your washing schedule, washing up to a few hundred racks each hour.

Commercial dishwashers can have any effect on what number of individuals an eatery can serve. The correct dish/glasswasher can be the foundation of any service activity. They’re exceptionally proficient at dealing with a lot of glassware and dishware which makes them highly desirable.

Commercial dishwashers, as well as glass washers, give the quickest method to successfully perfect and wash your porcelain, cutlery, glassware and utensils. Regularly a basic piece of any kitchen or bar arrangement, these amazing machines are intended to create sparklingly spotless and clean outcomes – fundamental for both customer satisfaction and food hygiene.

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