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Washtech – Glasswashers & Dishwashers | Brand

Liteco Hospitality is the leading supplier of kitchen essentials in Australia. We strive to provide the best quality kitchen equipment and supplies at the most competitive price.  We are associated with some of the best kitchen equipment brands in Australia. At Liteco Hospitality, our focus is to provide the most innovative and contemporary products to our esteemed clients and patrons. Washtech is one of the leading brands in Australia.

They are known for their extensive range of dishwashers. Washtech has some of the most advanced and highly proficient dishwashers and glasswashers. Liteco Hospitality has been associated with Washtech for more than ten years.

Comprehensive Dishwashers in Australia

We have a wide range of Washtech dishwashers including Under-counter dishwashers, Pass-through dishwashers, Glasswashers and much more. The products are ergonomically designed to meet the varied requirements of our patrons and provide the ultimate comfort. Washtech is one of the most prestigious brands of dishwashers in Australia.

Some of the advantages of Washtech Dishwashers are given below:

High performance: The Washtech Dishwashers are popular for their outstanding performance and durability. The simple controls of Washtech Dishwashers make it easy to operate them. These dishwashers are energy efficient and assure flawless cleaning.

Easy to Clean: The wash tech Dishwashers are very easy to clean. It requires minimal efforts to clean Washtech Dishwashers. The multiple filtration system makes interior cleaning much easier and simpler.

Sustainable Design: These Dishwashers are sustainable. They meet all the hygiene requirements and it does not require much water for cleansing and rinsing vessels.

Endurance: Washtech offers highly durable dishwashers in Australia and allied areas. The cooper rinse boilers have good endurance and are best suitable even in hard water conditions. The external doors are made of toughened material to resist the daily wear and tear in the kitchen area.
Liteco hospitality is dedicated to providing the best quality kitchen essentials that meet all the Australian Standards. Connect with our expert team now to learn more about our products.

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