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Waldorf Commercial Kitchen Equipment| Brand

Waldorf is the most trusted brand for kitchen equipment in Australia. It is known for its outstanding performance, longevity and high endurance. The Waldorf kitchen equipment is a perfect mélange of stunning design and flawless performance. They are sure to enhance your commercial kitchen and decrease your cooking time. The hi-tech Waldorf products have great utility value. The clean lines, consistency and sleek appearance make them a necessary buy for an efficient commercial kitchen.

They are ideal for a small commercial kitchen as well as large commercial kitchens. The Waldorf kitchen equipment is available in smooth, seductive and attractive enamel finishes. They have a distinct sheen and give an attractive twist to your kitchen space. Re-design your kitchen with superior quality and advanced Waldorf Kitchen Equipment.

The range of products and equipment at Waldorf includes, mix and match cooktops, chargrill, griddles, target tops, induction cooktop and much more. You can also configure and design your kitchen equipment by mixing and matching various options from Waldorf. Design your kitchen as per your convenience and preference with a wide range of exclusive Waldorf kitchen Equipment.

Some of the features of Waldorf kitchen equipment includes:

1. Made from superior quality material.
2. Highly Reliable.
3. Technologically advanced.
4. Flexible.
5. Modular design and Style.
6. Affordable.
7. Suitable for high volume operations.

Liteco Hospitality offers you a wide range of Waldorf Kitchen equipment at the most competitive prices. Get everything right from Deep fryers, pasta cookers, salamanders, ovens, induction cooktops and much more for your commercial kitchen at Liteco Hospitality. We have the largest range of Waldorf Kitchen equipment.

Complete your kitchen with exclusive kitchen equipment from Liteco Hospitality.

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