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Gas Noodle Cooker

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Buy Commercial Noodle Cooker at Best Price

Chinese, Italian, Japanese and other Asian cooking is never complete without noodles. Billions of individuals everywhere throughout the world are eating this staple food everywhere throughout the world. To make them in business kitchens, you should have noodle cookers.

Noodles are among the most mainstream dishes everywhere throughout the world. Made of unleavened batter rice flour or wheat, this staple food of Italians and East Asians can be made on a business scale by noodle cookers. Most cafés serve noodles of various types, for example, the carbonara, Italian spaghetti, or alfredo and the Asian yakisoba or ramen.

Our noodle cookers are made of top-grade treated steel fit for withstanding maturing and mileage for quite a long time. It is additionally made of the best in class cast iron burners with tried wellbeing valves. We have been in the business of kitchen supplies for over three decades. We ensure that we sell models that are the most productive and viable to utilise and have withstood the trial of time. Simply request online and we will deliver our items right away.

Benefits of a Noodle Cooker
1. Save Time
2. Flexible cooking time/basket.
3. Short introduction time.
4. The regular cold-water noodle wash system.
5. Automatic basket action – up and down.
6. Quick water heat recovery time for nonstop operation.
7. Continuous skimming design.

Rely on Quality
1. Commercial-grade motors and components.
2. High-quality stainless steel.

Work Safely
1. Sensor for water level with low-water alarm.
2. Heating element among resettable overheat fuse.
3. High voltage structure in a different shielded compartment.

Liteco Hospitality is a top provider of hardware to food service businesses, with a tremendous scope of various apparatuses and gear, including pasta cookers that are accessible for lease or purchase. A major preferred position of leasing utilised hardware before you purchase is that it gives you a chance to evaluate several types of equipment at work, to check whether it is an ideal choice for your business.

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