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Blue Seal

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Blue Seal Commercial Kitchen Equipment | Brand

Liteco Hospitality is a leading kitchen equipment supplier for commercial kitchens in Australia. A restaurant is as good as the food it serves that’s why we strive to supply your restaurants kitchen with high quality and functional products to ensure that your chefs are able to make all kinds cuisines in the kitchen. We represent all leading kitchen and catering equipment manufacturing companies in Australia and provide the necessary installation and after-sales support to the clients.

Blue Seal is a leader in the field of kitchen equipment all over the world. Liteco Hospitality is proud to be associated with Blue Seal for supplying kitchen equipment to commercial kitchens all over Australia. Blue Seal is a UK based company that is a global leader for a functional range of innovative kitchen equipment.

Products offered by Blue Seal:

Blue Seal offers a lot of standardised as well as customised products that make cooking food in commercial kitchens a joyful experience. Right from innovative pizza ovens to grills and fryers, Blue Seal offers products to make cuisines of all kinds. Experts at Liteco Hospitality are aware of the entire product range of Blue Seal and hence are able to suggest the right kind of equipment for your kitchen so that your restaurant can make food of all cuisines that will be appreciated by people of all nationalities.

Why should you buy Blue Seal Products?

  •  1: Highly innovative designs.
  •  2: R&D facility in Australia that helps them create products suitable to the local audience.
  •  3: 90 years of experience in supplying kitchen equipment.
  •  4: Several brands like Turbofan, Cobra etc are made by Blue Seal.
  •  5: Industry Leader.
  •  6: Easy availability of spare parts for superior after-sales support.


Top-quality technology of Blue Seal, superior brand, superior distribution and customer service from Liteco Hospitality is a powerful combination that is bound to change the commercial kitchen infrastructure in the future.

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