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Dim Sum Steamer

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Dimsum Steamer For Sale | Commercial Cooking Equipment

Dim sum steamers are an ultimate version of the steamer, which cooks food more gently than poaching and boiling. It also maintains dish shape, colour and type. Interestingly, cooking with a Dim sum steamer is healthier than other cooking methods. It’s a traditional way of cooking food, which has light fat content. Those who are prone to diabetes should not ignore cooking in the bamboo steamers.

When steamed in the Dim sum steamer, the unsaturated oil from fatty foods can drip into the boiling water, which will create a less fatty meal. The temperature at which the food cooks in the bamboo steamer will produce less fat and high healthy content.

How can you use a bamboo steamer?

You can use it for a variety of purposes such as steaming fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. Whether you are making pudding or just poaching coconut, our bamboo steamer is an ideal option for you. It comes with the liner to avoid the food’s flavour escaping from the steam. Items include cabbage, cheesecloth, banana leaves, parchment paper, corn husks and lettuce work well with the bamboo steamer. Once you add food to it, you can place it on the cookware instantly.

Features of our bamboo steamer?

It is a kind of Chinese steamer, which can work with all types of fresh-looking vegetables. If you are looking to keep the food flavour, you can make use of our specially designed bamboo steamers.

Bamboo is a traditional option for absorbing the moisture from the steamer. It is lightweight and made naturally. Our Dim sum steamer uses a blend of stainless steel and bamboo. Our steamer makes it easy to heat the water and absorb the moisture.

For ordering high-quality Dim sum steamers connect with us now and choose one of our various offers.

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