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Affordable Commercial Salamander & Broilers In Sydney

Salamander broilers offer intense, direct heat from dominant burners or components and can be utilised for full roasting or turned down for slight finishing of dishes. They’re accessible with up to six burners, contingent upon the size of the unit. The cooking networks are regularly covered with chrome for sturdiness and predominant warmth maintenance and circulation.

What’s more, most commercial salamanders incorporate removable dribble plates so food particles and grease that fall into the cooking chamber can be rapidly wiped out when required.

Ultra-rapid flexibility

The fast way to perfect results

Air vents in the upper side permit heat reduction and better ventilation. The warming plate is flexible with an outrageous smooth rail framework. An automatic control handle lets you set time effectively and see it on the digital display.

Start and stop cooking at anytime

Contact controlled plate identifying bar: it consequently initiates the warming components on contact with dishes. Save money on vitality costs and diminish the warmth in your kitchen.

Reduce heat and energy costs

With two free cooking zones, you can put your dish under the glass board while turning on just 50% of it allowing you to work with complete adaptability.

Benefits of installing Commercial Salamander : 

  • Fast
  • Quick, high proficiency warming framework. Arrive at the ideal temperature in 20 seconds.

  • Easy to use
  • Super perceptive to set time and use.

  • Efficient
  • Automatic contact-controlled warmth enactment/deactivation. Keep your kitchen cooler and save money on energy.

  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle-free support with extractable plate and accessories.

    At Liteco Hospitality, we sell the highest quality models made of the best plastic and steel accessible in the market. We ensure we convey the best units for your business cooking needs. With our years of experience in the business kitchen supply business, it is our main goal to give the best kitchen machines, cookware and utensils to our clients.

    Request now and we will convey commercial salamanders at your kitchen in a matter of seconds.

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