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Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment – How to Make The Right Choice?

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Liteco

Are you hunting for the best commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney, but aren’t sure what to look out for? No worries! We understand just how significant it is to efficiently set up your restaurant, as this can cut down the preparation time and increase productivity. To assist with your decision-making process, we’ll be going through some of the essential aspects to keep in mind.

Starting up your restaurant comes with a lot of responsibility, in terms of planning the kitchen layout, designing the same, and positioning commercial kitchen equipment for quick and easy access. You wouldn’t want to spend on something that would occupy a lot of space and expend more money, while it only has limited usage.

Let’s quickly run through some essential aspects that can speed up the process.

  • Investment 

First things first, we already know that looking out for commercial kitchen equipment is more like an investment. This type of investment can bring you increased profits, productivity, and efficiency if planned thoughtfully. Likewise, if you go wrong with your investments, it’s only going to cost you double the amount of money. Whether the investment brings you long-term profits or short-term depends on how well you understand your business needs and implement the same in your decision-making.

  • Plan Based On Your Food Menu

Determining the food menu can assist in planning your services and purchases better. Of course, you’d have a plan in mind about the type of food that you want to serve at your restaurant. Whether you plan on serving Mexican food, Chinese or baked goods, your need for equipment will also differ. For instance, if you’re into baked goods, you’d most certainly need a commercial oven, tins, and ovenware bearing different shapes, equipment for preparing the dough, etc. You can further narrow down your needs to the type of dining sets you admire to serve your food. You can also determine general items like knives, spatulas, pans, mixing bowls, etc.

  • Planning Equipment Based On The Flow Of Services

The next step after considering the menu is how the services or activities will flow in your restaurant. Planning the dine out area, kitchen, and further details as to which activities will be taken care of in which segment can ease things even more. Allocating space to freezing, storage, cooking, cleaning, etc. can help with a quick idea. If you’ve assigned a smaller area to the kitchen, it becomes crucial to manage and plan it well.

  • Storage

Placing appropriate cabinets to store your items and equipment can help manage the space better and deliver such items to be handily accessible. Maintaining commercial freezers can help store dairy and other products.

Further considering hygiene protocols and adopting commercial dishwashers can take care of all the dishes. Switching to automated equipment like mincers, juicers, mixers, choppers, etc. can speed up the preparation process.

One of the popular names that come to mind is Liteco Hospitality for commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney. They can not only facilitate the best equipment but also design your space more effectively. Go check out the services offered by them and style your restaurant a magnificent look!

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