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Pizza Prep Fridge – a guide to Food Preparation Multi-Tasker

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

Serve mouth-watering pizzas to your customers whenever they order one at your restaurant. The better the taste of your pizza, the better the growth of your restaurant. If you lack a fully functional pizza prep fridge in your restaurant that’s holding your restaurant propel to greater heights, then bring one now to your kitchen. Not only do restaurants have these appliances, but the pizza parlours around the streets have them as well. 

Do you need a little bit of guidance on choosing the right pizza prep fridge for your commercial kitchen? Then you have come to the right place as we have given below an easy-to-read buyer’s guide for every restaurant out there. Go through everything that’s written below and make the right call! 

Basics Of A Pizza Prep Fridge

Basically, there are three functions that a typical pizza prep fridge performs. 

  • On the top, you will see  gastronorm pans to keep hold of your ingredients and toppings. 
  • Then you have the adjacent cutting board for your chef to work on, and it’s pretty convenient in truth. 
  • And then there’s the refrigerated storage area underneath so that you can store dough, pans, and other ingredients and preserve them for longer durations. 

Aside from preparing the best pizzas for your customers, your staff can also prepare ingredients for salads, sandwiches, burgers, and so many other things. Indeed, a pizza prep fridge brings versatility to your commercial kitchen from the offset! 

We believe that the point we just mentioned earlier was enough to convince you into buying a new pizza prep fridge. We are glad it was that easy, so let’s begin the road on how to buy the ideal appliance for your pizza parlour or restaurant in Australia! 

Your Ideal Pizza Prep Appliance

Yes, you should always think about your staff members and chefs while buying any commercial appliance. And the same goes for pizza prep refrigeration appliances as well. Here are some of the factors that should spring in front of you while deciding on this essential appliance! 

Number Of Pans

Every restaurant has a different menu or sub-section for pizza, don’t they? So you must have a clear idea of how many ingredients your staff needs on a daily business basis to prepare the pizza’s base. You should talk this through with your staff members as they might better understand the number of pans required on your pizza prep fridge.  

The Size Of This Refrigeration Appliance 

Next comes the physical dimensions of the prospective fridge on your mind. You can’t just bring in an appliance that barely fits in your kitchen space. That would lead to a disaster for sure, both for your staff and kitchen space as well. That is why you should measure or know the width, depth and height of the appliance that you want to buy. And keep in mind that you will need extra space around the pizza prep fridge for your worker’s accommodation. 

Ventilation: Pick an appliance in this category that allows extra air circulation from all sides.   

Access: If your chef or staff members cannot open the doors properly and access the ingredients when needed, what’s the use of having this appliance around? 

Installation: Installation of any huge commercial kitchen appliance requires staffing, expertise, and certainly a few hours or so. You should consult with your dealer or supplier about the installation cost for your new pizza prep fridge. 

Refrigerated Storage Capacity 

Earlier, we mentioned the refrigerated storage underneath the surface; now, let’s explore this topic further. You want adequate storage space that can store toppings and other ingredients for at least two shifts of your pizza parlour. Otherwise, you will have to keep replacing the toppings and ingredients after the end of every shift, and that’s pretty inconvenient for any restaurant staff. 

While we are at the storage section, let’s talk about its door width. There shouldn’t be any problem while you open the doors and remove your storage pans outside. Otherwise, you may see a few eruptions of anger every now and then from your staff members. Avoid such scenarios, especially during the peak hours of your restaurant.

Prep Space & Cutting Board Area

Have we forgotten something? Yes, you have to consider a pizza prep fridge with a reasonable space available for your staff members’ food preparation. That’s one of the main goals of having such a huge commercial kitchen appliance in the first place! Talking about pizza preparation, you must have a prep space that’s not shallow whatsoever. A deep prep area on these appliances is the way to go. Otherwise, how will you even prepare the ingredients and base for a family-sized pizza? 

Food Safety

Food safety is always a big concern for every type of food business out there. And since the coronavirus outbreak, it has become somewhat of a top priority for everyone, including the customers and the restaurant owners. 

As per the authorities, you have to keep the food ingredient stored at 5°C or below. Pizza prep pans are usually out in the open. Therefore, you need double airflow technology for it. 


Investing your money into buying a new pizza prep fridge is not the end of your problems. You have to ensure that your cooking appliances are well maintained during their entire lifespan. Otherwise, you have to face lots of problems down the line with heavy repair jobs and what-nots. It’s better to sign with a supplier that provides regular maintenance servicing for your cooking and food preparation appliances. 

It saves thousands of dollars in your pocket every year and allows your restaurant staff to work efficiently without any hindrances. 

Check For The Warranty

Moving on from regular maintenance, let’s talk about the warranty aspects. You should never buy a product that has no warranty behind it. Without a warranty behind your pizza prep fridge, who would you even call when your preparation fridge stops working all of a sudden? 

  • Always ask for on-site repairing from your commercial kitchen equipment supplier. It’s always a big hassle to remove and re-install these appliances from and to your kitchen.
  • Read all the technicalities and clauses of your warranty document; you should never be caught off guard while running a restaurant business.  
  • And learn the proper channels for contacting the manufacturers in case your pizza prep fridge stops working. 

Thank you for staying with us till the very end; we hope our blog was helpful to our readers. Visit Liteco Hospitality today and buy the most sought-after pizza prep fridge in the market at wholesale price! 

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