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Commercial Combi Oven: A buying guide for a smart purchase

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

Professional kitchens require efficiency along with the quality of service. It requires intelligent appliances that will ensure safety, efficiency while delivering the quality and quantity of the required orders. The dining area is a quiet place to be however, the backstage kitchen has all the drama behind the scenes. To ensure every order reaches the table on time, the hotel staff has to work endlessly. For them, customers must be left with a mouth full of flavours, and a heart full of satisfaction is essential.

Most commercial kitchens have certain standard appliances like blenders, processors, griddles, and grills, along with ovens. To serve meat, fish, loaves of bread, and desserts, it is vital for food services to have an oven. They need multi-purpose ovens that will ensure multiple processes are done simultaneously. 

Commercial combi ovens are a blessing in disguise to keep the kitchens running for most restaurants. Their high efficiency and low maintenance make them a favourite among hoteliers. Compared to regular ovens, commercial combi ovens are expensive. Thus, it is essential to ensure that informed decisions are made while purchasing a combi oven as commercial ones are costly. 

Cooking modes available in a commercial combi oven 

Convection: This mode is ideal for baking. Your cookies and cakes will be evenly baked. This mode will be your best friend for baking. 

Steam: Ideal vegetables and seafood. Your lobsters will be cooked to perfection and steaming veggies will be more accessible than ever before. 

Combination: Of course, a commercial combi oven has a combination mode!! It is perfect for cooking meat. Baking gives you the right consistency while steaming ensures the juices don’t leave the meat, giving you a lip-smacking dinner. 

These are the popular modes every combi oven commercial company will highlight. These multi-purpose features make the combi-oven commercial ideal for high-functioning kitchens as their modes can be used creatively to get the best performance. 

Benefits of commercial combi oven 

Any combi oven commercial company will provide you with the following benefits. Since it has multiple modes, the benefits are compelling for efficient cooking. 

Flexibility: Combi oven commercial will enable you to use every mode according to the need and dish you’re preparing. This will give you scope to accommodate your device according to the dish. 

Space-saving: Combi oven commercial is a multi-functional device. It gives you distinct functions in the same oven. This saves space as you won’t require different devices for different functions. 

Programmability: You can program the combi oven commercial to suit your needs. It can match up to your requirement. 

Options you should check while buying a commercial combi oven

Gas vs Electric

Gas and electric combi oven commercials are available in the market. Their fittings differ from each other. As a customer, you need to understand what suits your requirements. Gas ovens will use gas while electric ones will work on electricity. 

Freestanding vs Countertop 

Freestanding models do not require a shelf. They take up space, and if you have it, then freestanding models are ideal. However, in a space crunch, there’s nothing more suitable than a countertop oven. These are compact and can easily be mounted on a counter. It will save space. 


Manual and advanced controls are available in the combi ovens. It is essential to understand that advanced controls will have higher pricing. Touch-screen controls can assess the temperature automatically. However, that might require a change in your budget. 


Some models store recipes. Some ovens will store up to 1200 multi-staged recipes. As details like temperature and duration are set in advance, getting the same consistency for every dish is easy. 


You need to make sure you give importance to cleaning. Each oven might require different cleaning methods. Usually, every model comes with a guide that explains the necessary cleaning and maintenance. Make sure to check that with the dealer before you finalise anything. 

Commercial combi ovens are high-functioning devices beneficial for all sorts of commercial kitchens. From a gourmet restaurant to a hospital kitchen, everyone can benefit from a combi-oven. It is a good investment for any commercial kitchen. A combi-oven can be a blessing in disguise for any food service.

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