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Guide to Selecting Commercial Kitchen Equipment

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Liteco

Have you and your staff finally decided to upgrade the kitchen equipment in your commercial restaurant? That’s exceptionally good; however, there is still so much to do. You must pick the right kind of equipment for your restaurant kitchen. Furthermore, you have to contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier to fulfil your requirements under the budget.

First, let’s see how to select the ideal commercial kitchen equipment. The following guide will help you in many ways.

Prioritise Your Requirements 

Getting new equipment for your restaurant’s kitchen can be tricky. There are so many things that you must prioritise before you start procuring them. And the best way to do is by jotting down the equipment you need the most in your kitchen. Similarly, you have to decide whether your equipment will run on gas or electricity.

Commercial cooking involves equipment such as ovens, fryers, grill plates, chargrills, burners and much more. And these equipment come in various sizes and capacities. Thus, you must prioritise which type of equipment you need carefully. For example, smaller restaurants have four burner ovens, whereas; larger restaurants have 6 to 8 burner ovens. Similarly, you have to decide on other equipment as per your restaurant’s requirements.

Check The Flow

Every restaurant’s kitchen space is different. You should always see the layout of your commercial kitchen before buying or installing any equipment. Otherwise, you may have to redo or remove the entire new setup altogether as there are specific health codes and regulations that every kitchen must follow.

So, make sure that every kitchen equipment is placed in the right place. And that it doesn’t violate any safety code in any manner whatsoever. You can always consult with a professional kitchen equipment supplier before you go on a shopping spree. Their expertise and guidance will allow you to get the best equipment for your restaurant.

Which Equipment To Buy?

You have decided that you need a newer microwave, chargrill, and a few other essential types of equipment. However, it’s essential to determine whether to buy new, used, or rental commercial kitchen equipment. Nowadays, many suppliers provide these options and thus, you can choose accordingly.

With new equipment, you get brand new designs, functionality, and incredible warranty options. On the other hand, you can save a lot by procuring equipment for rent. Similarly, second hand or used kitchen equipment can help you when you are tight on budget. So, make sure to consider everything about this equipment before making the decision.

Other Crucial Factors To Consider

Apart from the ones given above, there are things which you must look carefully at while purchasing any commercial kitchen equipment. And we have listed these things below for your convenience.

  • Is it pre-assembled and can it fit your doorways?
  • Does the new equipment integrate appropriately with the drainage and other utilities?
  • Power efficiency
  • HVAC system
  • Warranty terms
  • Availability of repair parts
  • Do you get on-site guidance for handling the new equipment?

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