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A Guide to Commercial Ranges

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

While opening or refurbishing an existing Commercial dining business choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment is essential for success. We have put together a list of essential commercial kitchen equipment, so you can be sure that all your bases are covered when outfitting your kitchen setup. In a commercialised kitchen, commercial kitchen equipment is the most important and used pieces of equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment plays a significant role in every restaurant’s cooking process and the different setup of commercial kitchen equipment provides excellent help for your every day’s versatile requirements. Therefore, it’s important to note that different genres of food may require additional pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to nurture and cater for those various styles, which may not be on this list. Instead, this list is meant to include the items that every restaurant will need to cater for the food lovers either local or national thus providing a foundation that everyone can build from to meet their specific needs.

The list of commercial kitchen equipment for your business can go a long way thus depending on your kitchen production variations in size, power, usage, and types of commercial kitchen equipment are needed and this somehow seems to be a matter of concern for those budding entrepreneurs and start-up personalities who seem to set up their dream restaurant. Therefore, to help them and answer all their queries we have made this list which will be of great help.

Types: When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment the choices are endless. Here are a few types listed that will help the restaurant entrepreneurs, start-up personalities or budding chefs to choose and decide.

Flat Griddle 

Flat cooking surface with a smooth texture. The Food is cooked directly on the surface. Commonly used in restaurants serving breakfast or where the menu has a lot of griddle recipes.


This has a series of grates or ribs which can be heated in different ways. An Infrared Charbroiler provides a true infrared cooking taste.

Open Burners 

The popular commercial kitchen equipment found in most commercialized kitchens. Contains only open fire burners, the value of fire burner options varies on size and preference.

Burner and Griddle Combo 

A combination of both burners and griddle. Implies for multipurpose restaurants and cooking. Also great for restaurants that have a small limit on space.


Waterproof sealed round shaped plates. Made only by electrical elements so they are energy efficient. Coming in the limelight of the industry. Based on bi-laws and location not all these ranges require a cover.

Space Savers

Specifically, a storage base in place of an oven base. Same options and concept of an open burner or flat griddle or combo equipment without an oven. Ideal for those who don’t require an oven and are short on storage space.

Countertop Equipment Range 

Same as of the benefits or features as a normal equipment range. The best equipment to include in a tight spaced kitchen. Different power outputs are available in the market including Liquid, Gas, Propane, Induction or Electric.

Wok Based Equipment

Designed specially to prepare stir fry or many Asian dishes. A wok has a round bottom which makes food easier to push up the sides of the wok which makes stir fry a piece of cake with proper practice. The instrument is specifically designed to produce high Thermal Units. The burners have a wok ring allowing for a solidified grip and concentrate the heat and temperatures up high which is a must for this type of cuisine and cooking.

Stock Pot Equipment Range

These are exceptionally good for heating up larger pots full of broth, soups, and sauce. Such Equipment ranges ideally have either one or two burners with a high thermal unit output count to heat up large amounts of broth, soups, or sauce faster. The low height of the equipment range helps to avoid spills and provide convenience to the chefs maneuvering pots also improving safety, comfort, and productivity.

  •  Size: Among the first things to consider when buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment is the “size”. The most found, favoured and common Commercial kitchen equipment sizes vary between 24 inches to 60 inches, however, various models and setups of commercial kitchen equipment can vary from a low height as 12 inches and go up to as high as 72 inches. When considering an ideal commercial kitchen equipment, one should consider the number of fire burners the setup requires. The burner in a commercial kitchen’s stockpots, countertops and the stand-alone may range between one to twelve. The restaurants should also consider the “Thermal Unit” output generated from the burners because different recipes like Chinese cuisine require a high intensity of heat commonly known as “Military Heat” to meet desired results. Locations also play an important role in taking into consideration the thermal unit output such as hotels serving large meal courses are better if they choose high thermal unit output fire burners. Whereas smaller-scaled restaurants like canteens or cafes which serve smaller volumes of meals are able to reach their culinary standards with a considerably lower thermal unit count.
  • Power Output: With versatility and convenience the commercial kitchen equipment has multiple power options to choose from and it is the restaurant and cooking preferences that determine these power sources. Although there are only two options which are Electric and Gas to choose from. The difference between them is that Electric ones have the initial instalment and hookup costs more than Gas. Gas Systems are easy to maintain and heat up faster than Electric. Electric utilities are much more expensive than that of Gas. Gas with open burners can be difficult to clean and whereas the electric with no flame and a closed top are extremely easy to clean.

Now that we have gathered a little information on commercial kitchen equipment and their range, you should be able to narrow down the choice and what kind of equipment you need to set up your dream kitchen. With plenty of different commercial kitchen equipment and their range available on the market, it will come down to price range, productivity, necessities, and preferences as the deciding factors. You can now research on different brands, check out their reviews or talk to an expert who is willing to help and guide you to buy the right commercial kitchen equipment and their range for you.

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