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Commercial Kitchen Essentials During Covid

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

There isn’t a single industry or business sector that has not been impacted due to Covid-19. The pandemic which surfaced back in 2020 has caused global disruptions in every manner possible. Whether you run a small retail store on the block or own a restaurant that serves delicious food to the community, the pandemic has surely impacted you in one way or another. Over the course of one year, many businesses and restaurants across the country have shut down. But there are many and many restaurants around that are still in operation, all thanks to taking safety measures and changing how they operate. 

In today’s circumstances, restaurant owners have to take many steps to ensure the safety of their customers and staff members’ safety. One mistake and you could jeopardise the safety of your community, which would not only impact your business but also tarnish your name. We know this sounds terrible, but that’s the reality that surrounds us 24/7 in this pandemic. Having said that, you can always ensure better health safety around your restaurant by stocking a few essentials for your business. 

Unavoidable Essentials For Your Restaurant

Experts and public health officials believe that every business entity, including the restaurants, must have these essentials covered. Otherwise, they risk the possibility of spreading the Covid-19 virus across the country. So, if you are a restaurant owner, you should procure these essential items for your commercial kitchen today! 

Packaging Materials For Take-outs

Most of the restaurants have switched their business model in the wake of this global pandemic. Instead of preparing the food and serving it inside the restaurant, they have emphasised on pickups and deliveries. And to be honest, the situation calls for such steps as people don’t want to risk their lives eating food anywhere other than their homes. So, you should bring the necessary packaging material into your commercial kitchen for take-out, curb side pickups and online deliveries. 

You can order food boxes and containers that are easy to use and dispose of after finishing the meal. There are lots of companies supplying these packaging solutions in Australia at highly affordable rates. Besides, you can consistently market your restaurant’s name and brand on these food boxes. You get free publicity by doing so, and you sustain a good business model for your restaurant business!

Sanitisation Products

We probably should have placed this essential entity on the top. But nonetheless, you should always take care of sanitation and cleanliness around the restaurant. Nowadays, health officials have enacted stricter laws and health codes, especially for food outlets and roadside joints. Therefore, you should always buy sanitisers and other disinfectants in bulk. By doing this, you leave no room for complaints about your diners and pick up customers. People love stores and restaurants where sanitisation is given its due priority.

Similarly, you should put extra effort to ensure a clean and tidy environment around the restaurant space. You don’t want your customers to see even a tiny bit of litter, do you? So, you should probably stock paper towels, sanitising wipes, and trash bags for your day-to-day operations. These days, you will find these products very quickly and for a low price as well. So, you will face no difficulty in procuring sanitisers and disposable waste bags for your restaurant at all.

PPE Essentials

Restaurants cannot afford to be lenient on the safety and health front, even for a bit. Your customers and, most importantly, health officials actively observe the kind of preparation that you have in place while cooking and serving food. Your commercial kitchen staff must be equipped with the proper gloves, masks, and other clothing materials before they begin their day. Otherwise, expect health officials to drop by your restaurant and impose hefty fines on you! 

Apart from the health officials, your customers also keep an eye on these kinds of preparations inside your restaurant. Only when they see such practices in place, they will willingly order food from your joint. Even the delivery staff of your kitchen must have the necessary protective gear every time they venture out to deliver the ordered food. Not only does this help you maintain the right image of your business in the market and enables you to avoid any gross health violations!


You cannot overlook the importance of refrigeration equipment when you run a restaurant of your own. The equipment helps you keep the temperature of the food at optimal levels. So, you can sustain the ingredients and prepared food for a longer duration. At times like this, there is a growing risk of food supply shortage. And to mitigate this inevitable risk, you indeed have to have the proper refrigeration equipment inside the restaurant kitchen.

Every restaurant has a different menu and cooks’ food accordingly. That is why you will find different refrigerators and freezers for many cuisines popular across the country. You should procure under-counter refrigerators, blast chillers and refrigerated prep tables as per your staff’s needs. You can contact us – Liteco Hospitality as we deliver the most branded commercial kitchen equipment at the best price in Australia! 


Yes, you need the right informational boards outside and inside your restaurant. So, you can guide your customers with all the protocols followed by your staff. Things like social distancing, wearing of masks, and frequent use of sanitisers should be actively promoted with the help of creative and visible signages. So, your customers know what things they must do while picking up their order or dining at your place. 

These days, you can order customised signage for your restaurant business for peanuts. Your staff can hang wall decals and other signage around the restaurant space where it’s easily visible to the public. By doing this, you are putting up a favourable impression on the minds of your customers and diners alike. Just contact the nearest signage supplier, and you will receive your products within a few days or so! It’s easy, cheap and offers superb value to your restaurant business! 

Here, we believe that we have covered every essential item for your restaurant business. But you can ask around and look for more things to add to your list. During such a dreadful situation amidst a global pandemic, no amount of preparation is enough. We can only do our best and hope for the best. 

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