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How To Boost Energy Efficiency In Your Commercial Kitchen

by | May 9, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

Several commercial restaurant businesses find themselves paying high energy bills every month. Not only does it cut shorts your overall revenue, but it also leads to the laying off a few staff members now and then. And that is why intelligent restaurant owners have deployed smart strategies to boost their kitchen’s energy efficiency. You can reduce your energy consumption bills by implementing the following steps for your commercial kitchen equipment!

Switch To High-Performance Equipment

Restaurant owners do have to work tightly around the budget. That is why you will see them buying a low-cost appliance for their commercial kitchen. However, doing so, they install commercial kitchen equipment, which is not energy efficient. They put out a much higher carbon footprint in comparison with higher-grade models.

  • You can always turn to high-efficiency fryers and other commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Whenever you install a commercial dishwasher, always go for the most efficient ones.
  • Additionally, switching to more efficient equipment may present opportunities for you to grab rebates.
  • Moreover, you can always use low energy consumption exhausts for energy-saving ventilation.

You can always check the energy efficiency ratings printed on each of the commercial kitchen equipment!

Regular Maintenance

One of the reasons for high energy consumption bills is poor maintenance of the commercial kitchen equipment. Your staff should meticulously clean and fine-tune the kitchen equipment regularly. Otherwise, you will see a performance degradation over a period. Not only does it harm your day-to-day business, but it also leads to significant electricity bills.

  • Clean the refrigerator condenser coils from time to time. Otherwise, your refrigerator unit would emit unnecessary heat leading to higher carbon footprints.
  • Similarly, you can always replace the water filters of your commercial kitchen equipment after a specific time interval. By doing this, you are improving the efficiency of your unit tremendously!

Replace The Bulbs Now

The luminous bulbs at your restaurant work great. However, you can cut down power bills by installing energy-efficient bulbs. You might think that this step is unnecessary or trivial in your energy efficiency quest. But you are wrong. Switching to energy-efficient bulbs along with low-energy consumption commercial equipment leads to great success.  You will reduce your restaurant’s greenhouse emission by a staggering number.

Usually, you have two options, as given below.

  • LED Bulbs: Save electricity up to 10 times in comparison to incandescent bulbs.
  • CFL Bulbs: Although not as efficient as the previous option, you can still preserve four times energy with these bulbs. Additionally, they emit a much more radiant light to your entire kitchen settings!

Shut Down Idle Appliances

You can also boost your energy efficiency by turning off the commercial kitchen equipment when they are not used. It’s simple, trivial but helps you control your commercial restaurant’s power bills in Australia. Just imagine the hundreds of dollars that you can save every year by simply switching off the appliances.

  • Jot down a schedule for your kitchen equipment runtime. You can mark the timings in which your staff least uses the commercial kitchen equipment. So, you can always turn off the appliances during the noted time.
  • Similarly, you can install lighting timers powered by solar cells and smart controls for your equipment. Thus, you will save a significant amount of your budget on power bills.

Are you looking for energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment in Australia? At Liteco Hospitality, we deliver food preparation, cooking and serving equipment at reasonable market price. You can order our appliances online; just visit our website.

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