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Six Things To Look For In A Commercial Blender

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

Creating the perfect cocktail, blending smoothies, and making soups and sauces takes more than the right ingredients. A chef also needs the best piece of equipment for the job. When shopping for commercial blenders most restaurant operators zoom in on three numbers: Horsepower, capacity, and price. They are even particular about the features of commercial blender which will help the restaurant operator to serve the customer smoothly and in a better way. The other key points which need to be taken care of while shopping blender is the strengths of a blender, the Type of blender suitable for restaurant and the Features of the commercial blender. Functions, Types and Features of commercials are explained below.

Commercial Blender Functions:

Blenders depending on their type outperform at:

  • Grinding / Crushing Ice
  • Making smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Blending Cocktails and Mocktails
  • Preparing soups and sauces and dish dressings.
  • Functioning with frozen ingredients.

Types of commercial blenders

There are four categories that all commercial blenders fall into, they are Bar, high-performance beverage, culinary and specialty. Each blender type brings an array of advantages to the commercial bar or kitchen.

· Commercial Bar Blenders

As the name states, the market for bar blenders is pubs and bars where they blend occasional drinks. These bar blenders are equipped with basic functions like timer, speed, and pulse. This function helps the bar to prepare 10 to 25 drinks per day. If they desire to prepare more than 25 drinks a day, then they need to switch to high-performance blenders.

· High-Performance Beverage Blenders

These high-performance beverage blenders are more efficient and powerful as compared to bar blenders in terms of speed and power. These types of blenders can prepare more than 25 drinks per day. They are useful for branded coffee shops, juice bars, and popular nightclub bars as they have to maintain the crowd with a high number of ordered drinks to keep their customers happy and work smoothly.

· Commercial Culinary Blenders

Culinary blenders are reflectors of high-performance beverage blenders as these culinary blenders are used for food blending varying on speed. The varying speed helps the chef to prepare a Delicious dish in a shorter span of time.

· Specialty Blenders

This class of blenders has a different variety of appliances.

  1. Heated blenders are capable of blending and cooking.
  2. Immersion blenders are handheld appliances and require less clean-up because you can blend food directly in a cooking vessel.
  3. Personal blenders, although rarely used in a commercial environment, are often used on the go with the blender jar doubling as a travel cup.

Six Key Features To Look For In Commercial Blender

  1. Easy to Operate.

    The bars and pubs need the perfect drink consistency so to maintain the perfect consistency they require easy-to-operate equipped blenders. The Toggle or Paddle controls are simple and durable, perfect for hands-on applications like blending or grinding. High volume establishments need full electronic controls as Summit blenders which also have a programmable drink.

  2. Economical Noise level

    Every bar and pub want their customers to be satisfied and happy so to maintain that the bartenders need to have the soundproof feature of quiet blend in commercial blenders which will have the lowest noise and cannot be heard by customers. 

  3. A Significant Warranty

    Before buying, always check the printed notification as many commercial blenders advertise 3 years warranty which is actually split into two. one year covering parts and labour then 2 years covering parts only.

  4. NSF Certification

    The NSF certification mark on a commercial blender means that it meets the highest safety and sanitation standards. These standards include requirements for material safety, to ensure the product will not leach harmful chemicals into food; design and construction, to ensure the product is cleanable.

  5. A fan that won’t Evacuate

    A commercial blender’s motor is so powerful that it generates a lot of heat, which means that it needs an equally powerful cooling mechanism. Fan maintenance is the most important part of using commercial blenders.

  6. Superior Grade jars

    Most of the jars fall apart in restaurants. Either there are scratches or some dent on the Jar. Some companies provide 2 jars to help the bars. When you are buying jars look for durable and high-quality jars which at least last for a year instead of going for low-quality jars which need replacement every 3 to 4 months. Stackable Jars save kitchen space.

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