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The Future Of The Commercial Kitchens

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Liteco | 0 comments

There is no doubt that the future of commercial kitchens lies in the hands of machines. From the blenders that can bring new life to soups and sauces (and maybe even end your cooking career) to the grinders that will get your ingredients processed at an efficient cost, the future rests with clusters of robots and artificial intelligence working together to make our food possible. It’s likely that when self-service restaurants and casual dining chains appear on our plate, the machines that serve them will be operated by software and software alone, like the way that smartphones have overtaken our daily lives.

Changes Up To Now

Over the past decade, commercial kitchens have undergone a revolution. Gone are the days of old commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchens are being recognised as living, breathing spaces that have styling and functionality that challenges traditional ideas about what a kitchen should be. With technological advances continuing to be made in this area, it’s only natural that our expectations for what a commercial kitchen will look like continue to be elevated. With so much technology being aimed at solving different types of cooking problems, it only makes sense that there would be tools designed specifically for cooking.

The future of commercial kitchens will look different from today. It will be full of technologies that help chefs manage more efficiently and ingredients come from places that produce the highest quality foods. Today, commercial kitchens operate on thin margins. The only way to make money in this industry is to create a high volume of low-cost food products that are difficult to resell at higher prices.

Beginning Of The Change

New commercial kitchen equipment is taking over. The combination of creativity, technology, tools, and materials is simply amazing. There is so much that you can do with a commercial kitchen that it keeps surprising even the seasoned professionals who have worked in it for a long time.

Commercial kitchen equipment is changing rapidly. In fact, they’re likely to change even more in the future. The design of commercial kitchenware has become more sophisticated, incorporating materials that resist stains and moisture. New frying pans, for example, use BPA-free materials instead of resistant ceramics. A few such examples of the new commercial kitchen equipment can be seen below:

3D Printers

While 3D printers have not fully evolved into the market and are yet to make their mark, many people believe that these are the next being thing as commercial kitchen equipment. Customised nutritional content and ingredients as per the customer’s specifications are all that need to blend in these printers, and you will have food ready on the table. 

Automated Dishwashers

Automated dishwashers are getting increasingly common as each day passes by. There are a lot of commercial facilities that have been using these and they are a lifesaver. They do all the tedious work of washing the dishes and have proved to be a boom for commercial kitchens.

The Modern Ovens

Heating your meals is a crucial process and it has evolved tremendously to date and there is no saying that it will not evolve further. We have come from gas stoves to the ovens and the modern ovens are a new shtick in the market. These are combitherm ovens and they are the combination of oven, steamer, kettle, smoker, fryer, and dehydrator. All you need to do is supervise them a bit and they will do their job to perfection. 

Commercial kitchens have come a long way in the last ten years. Innovative techniques, like vacuum forming and frameless walls, have vastly improved with each passing year. With a few tips and tricks here and there, any die-hard commercial kitchen enthusiast can improve their property’s physical appearance in short order.

What To Expect From The Future?

Commercial kitchen equipment in the future will look more like today with many of today’s technical limitations being removed. One of the biggest issues with today’s commercial kitchens is how to feed a large crowd without having to buy lots of food. This will be addressed with today’s commercial kitchen robots that are being used in schools and colleges. Soon it will be possible for a commercial kitchen to feed itself by buying parts and materials online from manufacturers instead of going to local stores and buying whatever is available.

Can we trust machines to take over cooking? Not necessarily. There will always be special things about cooking that humans do that machines can’t replicate. Foodies are already racing to build machines that can cook certain foods faster, better, and more cheaply than human chefs. What future discoveries will these machines make? We have an idea about this but not the entire theory. Guess only time will give us the appropriate answer. Till then, we have our old-fashioned commercial kitchen equipment to keep our stomachs happy.

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